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A little about me

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G'day, my dear friend!
My name is Dmitry Chernov and I'm a young, creative and self-motivated web developer. I have always been attracted by the opportunity to make our world a better place to live in by implementing the most interesting and really stunning top-class projects. Though creativity really appeals to me, I am patient enough to do a plethora of routine chores on the daily basis. After all, web development is truly my passion in life. My great desire to develop professional skills in web development really helps me in my work. Yes, I'm a young professional who relies on the obtained fundamental mathematical education, which is rooted in the already non-existent country – the USSR. I am committed to continuous learning and always try my best to master new skills, use modern frameworks and libraries and appreciate modern tools of running online business. Even if I have never done the thing you are asking me about, but it's really interesting and challenging to me, be sure that I will make every effort to master new craftsmanship and create an ideal project to satisfy your needs and meet your highest expectations. I am open-minded, easy-going and ready for communication. I am constantly prompt to explain incomprehensible or sophisticated things in detail. Meeting deadlines is my propriety as for all successful men. You can be pretty sure that if I have taken your project, I will complete it by all means. I am always at your service. I am looking forward to getting new projects from you!

My approach

Benefits of working with me

 Smart attitude

Complete brand development and and its online presence. behaviour of rivals analysis, and development of strategy and action plan for promoting in the internet.
I'm intrested in long-term collaboration and understand that I make money when YOU make money.

Modern Technology

Creation of modern site requires modern Technology.Only a combination of advanced technologies of web-development and expert examination of each part makes site pretty. I choose only verified and trend solution for my clients.

Instant support

You can always come to me. No issue can be out of decision. During project development we will stand in permament contact and dicuss all peculiarities of project,project realisation and its movement.

Design exceed expectations

Web development its art to create amazing in an internet.


Main development stages

and adoption of the draft

At this stage a clear understandig of brief needed. Together we must go through each step of project. Here we develop the description of the whole project and all the details in UX|UI part of it

markup and

This as a big deal starts.We convert a design to html and css.Then html and css converts to Wordpress CMS

Filling whith the unique content

After all technical stages are done we start to fill the site whith the unique content , and also preparing for promoting.

support and promoting

When all the previous moments are being behind and project launched we need to start the promotion. This enables to make the project atractive and unique.


Foundation of my working - creation amazing projects based on advanced technologies.

All technologies together

The bigger and harder is the task before me, the more intrestion is materialization.


My lastest work
  • All works
  • Sites
  • Shops
  • Design
  • Landing-page

Hotel in Brugge

Redesign and semanthic HTML5 marking


School of English

Unique design and CMS Wordpress installed


Medical centre site

Unique design and Wordpress CMS.Advanced coding done


Landing page for Advertising Agency

Unique design and coding for Advertising Agency


Landing page for design studio

Unique design and coding for Design studio


Personal Page for a cosmetologist

Design,makeup and programming of landing page and third-party services integration


Landing page
Cardiology Centre

Design,makeup and programming of landing page and third-party services integration


Pet shop design

Design and makeup


Design development for Chandelier store

Design development for Chandelier store